The Way We Rock

The best rock music lessons in town

The Way We Rock

You’re absolutely right! They didn’t have music lessons like this when you were a kid! And that’s exactly what folks [more]

Rock This Way Music Lessons

MUSIC LESSONS THAT ROCK! Rock This Way “School of Rock” welcomes aspiring artists of all ages and all skill levels [more]

Experience leads that way at Rock This Way

On the shoulders of giants

After helping to guide the careers of major rock icons like Triumph, Rik Emmett, Kim Mitchell, Chad Smith (Red Hot [more]

Students lead the way

At Rock This Way, our students lead the way. And now that we’ve been doing this for nearly a decade [more]

Mckenzie Small – RTW Student Creates YouTube Buzz

Ella Bradley – RTW Student records original song!

Lessons + Camps That Rock!

Lessons + Camps That Rock!