It’s no secret that the Rock This Way team has more recording studio experience than any other facility offering music lessons in Canada. Of course, we learned a few things while hanging out with some of the legendary record producers of our time. Eddie Kramer (Hendrix, Led Zeppelin), Mike Clink (Guns ‘N’ Roses), and Terry Brown (Rush) have all helped shape our approach to recording in our humble Rock This Way Studios.

With so much amazing music being played every day at Rock This Way, we needed state-of the-art Recording Studios on the premises to capture all those great sounds! We are proud to have produced world-class recordings of original songs from Rock This Way students that are able to compete on the world stage!

If you’re looking to learn more about the recording process, or interested in becoming a recording engineer or producer, we can help you. If you want to record some of your songs in our studio facilities, we can help with that too! We provide full pre-production, production and recording services. It’s just another part of offering the most complete & creative one-stop music facility for real people who want to make real music.


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